What Does ASMR Feel Like?

What Does ASMR Feel Like?

ASMR is a unique experience that touches everyone differently. If you are new to this type of audio therapy, you will be surprised how it can truly make your body vibrate, help you relax, and help you stop thinking. As you do your research, you will learn about the tingle that you get from this audio experience that cannot be replicated.

Why Does The Tingle Occur?

When you are experiencing ASMR, you can feel your body vibrate. The quick vibrations of your body will cause a tingle that is difficult to explain. You might compare it to your foot falling asleep if you sit cross-legged for too long. However, the feeling is pleasant in every way. Another example might be a massage chair. When you sit in a chair that vibrates, you almost cannot feel anything. That is what the tingling sensation from ASMR is like.

Why Is This Sensation Pleasant?

The vibrations that you feel while listening to ASMR are pleasant because they overload your senses in a good way. You can relax because you cannot focus on your stress, any pain you feel, or any external stimuli. At the same time, this relaxing sensation is accompanied by music that continues to change as you listen.

While this music might be compared to dance music you would hear in a club, the music is engaging. You can get lost in how it slowly changes from one chord progression to another, or it might have different rhythms that slowly change as the music progresses. This is a great way for you to get engrossed in what you are doing, and you can finally relax for what might be the first time in a long time.

Can You Read Or Study Using ASMR?

Most people who are using this sort of music to relax may not want to study because they do not feel that they can focus. On the other hand, people with extreme anxiety might prefer studying while listening to this music because they do not need to worry about their pain, depression, or anxiety.

You could go to sleep while listening because the relaxing sensation is enough to help you calm down. You might want to take a nap while listening to this music, or you could even listen to this music while practicing yoga. Because yoga is a slow practice that allows you to focus on breathing, you will notice that you do not notice anything in the outside world.

You Can Disconnect Yourself From External Stimuli

When you feel the vibrations in your body because you are using ASMR, you can remove yourself from external stimuli. For the most part, this can help you relax while you are trying to nap in the middle of the day, want to go to sleep, or need to focus on something else. The vibrations remind you that you do not need to be subjected to all the noise and movement of the outside world.

You can listen for such a long time that the world feels very loud when you finally take off your headphones.

You Should Always Use Headphones

You should make sure that you use headphones and turn down the volume. You do not want to hurt your ears or your hearing while listening. You simply want the music to give you the vibrations that you were looking for. Most people who are wearing headphones can feel the tingling sensation start in their ears, and it will slowly move down their bodies. This is a good way to meditate, and it is also a good way to help your body relax if you experience chronic pain.


When you are ready to change the way you relax, sleep, or focus, you can start listening to a track that allows your whole body to tingle. You can allow that sensation to take over your body, and you can focus on your own relaxation. You can also use this music to go to sleep, nap, or to study. You can repurpose this music for anything that you need. You can stop chronic pain with this type of music, or you might use this music to focus while studying. The feeling is intense, but it is a feeling that is comforting because of the slight tingle you get as soon as the music starts.

What does ASMR feel like to you? Let us know in the comments.

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