Top Sound Triggers for ASMR

Published on February 26, 2019 by admin

Caroline ASMR takes you through some of the Top Sound Triggers for ASMR:

00:00 Whispered intro (no talking after intro)
02:06 Dragon scale gloves + White Noise (thumbnail)
09:22 Tissues (walking on snow with boots sound) + Bubbles
14:27 Heart-shaped cork coaster + Crickets
19:22 Tico, tuc, tak, stipple and face brushing + Tick tock
25:42 (Wood) beaded pillow + Fan sounds
33:38 Rhinestone brush + Babbling brook
40:00 Textured placemat + White noise
44:09 Kindle case + Bubbles
49:06 Windguard sounds + Fan sounds
54:31 Holographic vinyl sheet + Water dripping
58:49 Brushing crinkly plastic + Crickets

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