The Most Relaxing Voice On Youtube

Published on June 19, 2017 by ASMR Staff

ASMR Darling arguably has the most relaxing voice on all of Youtube. In her video, What Is ASMR?, she shares her definition of ASMR and gives you a taste of her smooth, wonderfully soothing voice.

But that’s just the beginning…


A scalp massage is one of the most relaxing feelings, but there’s not always someone hanging around waiting to give you a massage. But, you can click on this scalp massage video anytime.

So massages aren’t your thing?…


Perhaps fidget toys ARE your thing. These little things were called ‘Tangles’and they produce a unique, tingle-inducing sound. Listen and watch for the full, relaxing effect.

Maybe tapping and scratching are your favorite trigger…


Tapping and scratching sounds are popular ASMR triggers, and ASMR Darling understands the technique better than most. She blends tapping and scratching interspersed with her soothing voice for a nice effect.

All of this ASMR is probably making you a little sleepy…


For nearly two hours, ASMR Darling covers ASMR triggers by the alphabet. Hopefully, your favorite is included.

Sweet dreams!


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