Japanese ASMR – Many Triggers

Published on May 7, 2018 by admin

In this ASMR video Hatomugi ASMR whispers some Japanese trigger words. Since it is a binaural recording, make sure to use headphones or earphones to enjoy the experience.

01:28 ton ton (tap tap, knock knock)
04:58 koro koro (roll roll)
08:07 pata pata (flap flap, tap tap tap)
10:55 toko toko (footsteps, trot trot)
12:07 teku teku (footsteps, trot trot)
14:04 puni puni (springy, bouncy)
16:41 paku paku (open close, munch munch)
18:30 mogu mogu (munch munch)
19:28 para para (pitter-patter, flakey)
23:06 pika pika (polished, shining)
26:43 yoshi yoshi (there, there)
29:51 kuru kuru (roll, spin)
33:32 peta peta (stick stick, pressing repeatedly)
37:29 hita hita (lightly submerging something)
38:32 pon pon (like “Pon” but in a continuous stream.)
43:00 kocho kocho / kosho kosho (tickle tickle)
47:29 kosho kosho (in a whisper, secret talk)
50:11 biri biri (like an electric shock)
54:24 fuwa fuwa (fluffy)
59:45 suya suya (zzz)
1:03:20 Good night

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