Intense Tingles – Ear Brushing, Ear Massage, Tapping…

Published on May 17, 2018 by ASMR Staff

This video includes ear cleaning, ear massage, ear tapping, closeup whispering, tapping, ear brushing, glove sounds, and many more.



00:00 Closeup whispering
02:42 Ear brushing
09:09 Finger flutters
11:20 Cups on ears
15:03 Gloves on ears
19:00 Ear tapping
22:18 Ear Massage/ Ear touching with ear cupping
26:04 Wiping ears with cotton
29:16 Wiping ears with serviette
32:43 Matches
37:49 Tapping on the black part
41:00 Ear blowing
44:00 Tweezers on ears
48:00 Ear cleaning with cotton buds
52:39 Tapping on cork coaster

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