Intense Relaxation – Top 10 ASMR Triggers

Published on May 3, 2018 by ASMR Staff

In tonight’s ASMR video, Jojo gives you the top ten best ASMR triggers to help induce tingles as well as put you asleep!
0:00: Introduction
2:00 #10 Microphone Beanie (Scalp Massage for relaxation)
7:30 #9 Cinnamon Bottle (Lid Sounds)
12:34 #8 Deck Box Tapping (Tapping Sounds)
17:00 #7 Toilet Paper Roll Sounds (Tapping and Wood Sounds)
22:08 #6 Deodorant Can Tapping (RaphyTaffy Inspired)
25:28 #5 Snipping Scissor Sounds
28:11 #4 The Jar of Tingles and Relaxation
31:18 #3 Mouth Sounds
34:19 #2 Game Controller Sounds (Wii U / Nintendo Switch)
36:32 #1 Lullaby Music Box + Card Sounds

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