5 Best Unintentional ASMR Videos

Published on April 26, 2017 by ASMR Staff

1. Duck Being Vacuumed

It doesn’t get much better than vacuuming a duck; any duck will do. Not only is this video absolutely adorable, it features fantastic ASMR sounds via the vacuum.


2. Crochet Tutorial

The act of crocheting, with its soft textures and repetitive motions os relaxing in itself. But, listening to this soft-spoken and slightly gravelly female voice while watching her create is mesmerizing.


3. A New Arthropod Fossil Is Discovered

This fascinating video features not only some interesting (okay, slightly mind-numbing) scientific information about the evolution of arthropods, it also has fantastic unintentional ASMR. The male narrator’s clear, soft, accented, and monotone is incredibly relaxing.



4. The Welsh Stone Carver

With its soft sounds, gentle tapping, and soothing male voice, this is a wonderfully soothing video, reminiscent of Bob Ross. This craftsman performing a dying art is an ASMR treasure.


5. Time Lapse Toilet Paper Doodling

While I certainly enjoyed the narrator’s clear, slightly crisp, but relaxing voice, the highlight of this video is the ASMR effect combined with the time lapse video of repeating patterns. Who knew that toilet paper doodles could be so stunning?

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