5 Best ASMR Whisper Videos

Published on May 17, 2017 by ASMR Staff

1. ASMR Entire Bee Movie Script Whispered Ear To Ear

When you enjoy a particular ASMR whisperer, it’s nice to be able to listen to them for more than just a few minutes. Maple ASMR committed to over an hour of whispering and recited every single word of the “Bee Movie” script.


2. Ear To Ear Whisper: Overcoming ASMR Immunity

Whether you’re well-versed in the ASMR experience or completely new to the community, this is an excellent video. Maybe you’re not sure if you’ve actually felt the tingles, think that you’re immune to the sensation, or you just need a jumpstart on your session – give this video a try.


3. Tingles in Ten! Coffee with a French Press

A lot of ASMR focuses on relaxation and sleep, but this quickie might be the perfect addition to your morning routine. Learn how to make coffee with a French press (an important life skill) and enjoy some delicious tingles.


4. Cara Delevigne ASMR Interview

While many ASMR Youtubers are celebrities¬†in their own right, it’s fun to watch and listen to a well-known movie actress perform an intentional ASMR piece. In this video, she shares, in her charming British whisper, how she got into character for the movie “Suicide Squad”.


5. ASMR Whisper Visualization: Twilight Forest

ASMR aside, this guided meditation and relaxation video is stellar. The visuals are incredibly soothing and the ASMR is excellent. Guaranteed to boost your frame of mind and help you find peace.

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