5 Best ASMR Scratching Videos

Published on July 31, 2017 by ASMR Staff

1. No Talking Scratching Session

If you’re looking for a video that’s pure scratching sounds, with nothing else to distract you, then this is the perfect video. There are several materials used to produce many unique scratching sounds.


2. Hair Brush Scratching

This is a relatively short video, only about 13 minutes. But, the hairbrush is excellent for a consistent scratching sound with no talking or other triggers.


3. Scratching Session

Another fantastic example of a video featuring only scratching sounds, this one is longer, about 42 minutes. There are several different items used to produce the sounds, but many are ‘smoother’ scratching sound produced by wood.


4. Scratching and Soft Speaking

This video features nearly a full hour of scratching sounds accompanied by soft speaking. There’s a variety of materials, sounds, and scratching speed. Nothing is terribly intense and the overall effect is very soothing.


5. Strong Binaural Scratching

Finally, this video is excellent if you’re searching for strong, intense scratching sounds. There’s a full hour of nothing but scratching with different materials and no talking.


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