5 Best ASMR Roleplay Videos

Published on May 22, 2017 by ASMR Staff

1. Head Massage and Hair Play (Soft Spoken)

I can think of very few things that are as pleasantly relaxing as a head massage. Since no one is here to give me one at the moment, this popular ASMR video is the next best thing.


2. Pokemon Trainer [Roleplay] Team Rocket Captures You

This soft-spoken video is a fun and unique twist on ASMR roleplay. Whether or not you’re a Pokemon fan, this video deserves a watch and a listen. There’s tapping, plush sounds, and more.


3. ASMR Cleansing Your Energy Roleplay

Soft spoken words, ear to ear sounds, nail tapping come together in this soothing, relaxing video. Not only is there the opportunity for some lovely tingles, it’s the perfect mood booster.


4. Reassuring Sci-Fi Cranial Nerve Exam | Holographic Brain Chip Interface

Softygaloshes combines two popular roleplay categories: Sci-Fi storytelling and exam/personal attention roleplay. The result is a unique and satisfying video with plenty of sound and visual cues.


5. Camping ASMR: ‘Smores & Midnight Chat by the Fire

I don’t exactly like camping – all of the bugs and sleeping on the ground. But, I do like the idea of camping and ‘smores.In fact,  I love ‘smores and the sounds of campfire and a soft-spoken voice.

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