21 Personal Attention Triggers – Scalp Massage, Haircut, Wet Sounds, Face Brushing, Kisses…

Published on March 26, 2018 by ASMR Staff

This video includes cotton pads, lotion sounds, hair brushing sounds, tapping, and other sounds for your enjoyment.


2:30 Scalp massage
5:16 hair Brush
10:15 Cotton
13:31 cream on face
18:00 Face brushing
21:11 Tapping on face
24:2 Eyebrows tweezing
27:53 face cleaning with a hot cloth
31:26 Stipple
33:59 spray sound
35:18 massage
37:54 face touching
41:15 tapping
43:58 doing makeup
47:42 hair cutting
50:24 Gloves on ears
53:34 reiki
57:09 relax
59:29 Shh You’ll be fine,you’ll be okay
1:01:28 kisses
1:03:20 Countdown

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