10 Triggers To Make You Tingle

Published on March 14, 2018 by ASMR Staff

Here is a nice ASMR trigger assortment to hopefully help you fall asleep. For those who need a quick fix:

0:25-11:04 Glass Candle Holder, Candle, Black Gravel
11:18-18:10 Blue Suction Bulb
14:15-15:10 sksksksksksks
18:15-26:21 Diamond Paper Weight and Counting
26:49-31:06 Hair Brush
31:24-36:03 Matchbook and Lighting Matches
36:46-41:28 Follow the Light With Your Eyes
41:50-47:36 Happy Sad Wooden Onion Man
47:55-53:13 Hand Lotion and Moisturizer Bottles
53:40-59:44 Brushing the Yeti With Makeup Brushes
59:47-1:01:32 Popping Off Press On Nails

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