Tag: ASMR Whispering

Sexy Sleep ASMR

Very sexy accent with soft whispering. Tapping, purring, rustling, eating sounds. There are ocean and fire sounds. Very relaxing. You should be asleep before the video is over. If not, you are an insomniac. 🙂 YouTube Site: ASMR – I help you to fall ASLEEP while you’re lying in BED! – Role Play

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Very Soft Sounds

Very soft ear to ear whispering. Scraping, rubbing rustling sounds. Touching sounds and tingling feelings. You almost feel like you’re getting a real massage. YouTube Site:✹.✹ Most Gentle✹.✹ ASMR/Binuaral/Intimate

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Welcoming Soft Whispers

A welcoming back video. Sounds of the rain, thunderstorms, lightning. If you love the sounds of a rainstorm, this is definitely for you. Rainstorms relax me and make me feel small compared to mother nature. Purring cat sounds are so soothing as well. Very pleasing video.   YouTube website: the Cozy and the Cute✺ Ear-to-ear […]

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