Slime ASMR – Most satisfying and relaxing slime videos

We have listed the most satisfying slime asmr videos of all time. You can watch them to relax or to learn how to make slime.

What are ASMR slime videos?

Slime videos are meant for relaxing purposes. Watching and listening to the crunchy, gooey stuff moving around is found mesmerizing by many. Better yet, you can make or buy your own slime and use it as a stress relief tool. When I got my first slime, I remember I must have not let go of it for a week straight.

Slime videos for children? Kids love slime videos as well. It’s a great way to keep them occupied. Just put your kid in front of a screen with a slime video playing and he/she’ll sit there for an hour. Each of the video below is children friendly.

List of the best asmr slime videos

Crunchy, Clicky, Stretchy, Gooey Slime by Gibi ASMR

In this 1 hour long Slime ASMR video you will hear no talking, only slime sounds. The video will start with the loudest slime and move on to quieter and quieter slimes.

The slimes you see in this video are purchased from the slime makers ETSY shops. Links below:
Slime Alchemist
Slime by Sara
Slime City B*tch

Slime ASMR pressing

in this short video, slime is pressed constantly to create a satisfying visual effect as well as asmr sounds.

Source: Discover ASMR

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