Who Is Jinx ASMR?


Jinx ASMR (often misspelled as Jinks ASMR or Jynx ASMR) is one of the most popular YouTube ASMRtists. The channel features Jinx ASMR making some of the best Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) videos you will find, which is backed up by her 343,000 subscribers and 49,500,000 video views.

In Jinx ASMR’s words, here is what you can expect from the Jinx ASMR YouTube channel:

“Along with ASMR, I talk about my love for anime and other kawaii things. This is a safe and calm environment for all. Please relax, enjoy and remember to be kind to one another ♥ xx”

Fast Facts About Jinx ASMR

  • Birthday: May 20, 1999
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Age: 21 Years Old
  • Sign: Taurus
  • Youtube Username: Jinx ASMR

Links for Jinx ASMR

Popular ASMR Triggers from Jinx ASMR

  • Ear noms
  • Ear tingles
  • Whispering
  • Tapping
  • Scratching

The Most Popular ASMR Videos from Jinx ASMR

1. ASMR | Extreme Tingles – 2,057,471 views

Jinx ASMR brings some relaxing ear tingles with her 3dio mic! This video features hand sounds, ear tapping, scratching, and soft whispers. These all help to calm you down, etc. This video is incredibly tingly for your brain and ears!

2. ASMR | Ear Noms 3DIO (intense tingles) – 1,599,704 views

Jinx ASMR showcases her ASMR triggers meant to illicit intense tingles.

3. ASMR Intense 3Dio Sounds for Relaxation – 1,562,546 views

Intense sound triggers to Help You Sleep with Jinx’s 3Dio Mic is what this video is all about.

4. ASMR | Repeating “Shh, It’s Okay” & “Go Back To Sleep” – 1,441,522 views

Relaxing hand movements are in there. And some relaxing face touches.

5. ASMR | Making You Fall Asleep – 1,288,839 views

Jinx ASMR is here to relax you with some relaxing variety of triggersto make you fall asleep. There are triggers of scratching, and tracing, and water sounds, and crinkles, and so many things to help to calm you down, etc. This video is incredibly tingly for your brain and ears!


Jinx ASMR is one of the most compelling and most viewed ASMRtists, and for good reason. Jinx has a way triggering ASMR through her creative and attentive ASMR videos, letting her viewers experience the intense tingles of ASMR from the comfort of their home computer, phone, or tablet.